Monday, August 20, 2018

Back to School and So Much More!

Fun times at member dinner!
Ready to begin online sessions
WOW! It's been an amazing week. Last weekend, we s-l-o-w-l-y said goodbye to summer with a fun Reunion Resort Member Dinner, complete with a s'mores bar! This was way better than camping in my opinion! :) On Monday, the kids started school and it was definitely a new experience for all, myself included! We had a few questions, some tears and confusion, but by the end of the week, it was smooth sailing, earning great grades and learning so much! Homeschooling (we are using FLVS FLEX curriculum) is not for the faint of heart; it's serious, demanding and students have responsibilities and expectations to meet. I feel just like I did in the classroom for so many years: lots of prep work, implementation and assessments. Luckily, I have two awesome students and fellow teachers to help support them.

One great thing about homeschooling is our flexible schedule. Wednesday evening was spent at EPCOT for the Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic Event.
Staying at the park after hours, eating dinner super-late and Mickey Ice Cream Bars at almost midnight was a huge hit! We try and visit WDW at least twice a week. Brian's Aunt Kate asked the kids, "are you tired of going to Disney yet?" Their response was a definitive, "NO!" All smiles from me! :) Speaking of Aunt Kate...we made a trip to Vero Beach yesterday to visit with Aunt Kate and Uncle Matt. They (along with Matt's dad, Bob) recently relocated from Springfield, Missouri to Vero Beach. It's so wonderful to have family near us! I see a lot more visits, especially to the beach, in the future.
Fun times at Vero Beach with Matt and Kate
I couldn't have asked for a better week: abundant sunshine, healthy, happy children, a new adventure and time with family. On the horizon is our international travels; less than 90 days now! Be on the lookout for posts about Labadee, Jamaica and Cozumel. Also, our YouTube Channel will be launching soon! Thanks for reading about our adventures! We are truly blessed!

Lots of Love,
Jess, Brian, Tatum and Brady

Monday, July 30, 2018

My Head is Spinning!

Cousins spending time together

Literally, it is! These past three weeks have been a HUGE blur! However, we only have a few more boxes to unpack, summer is winding down and we are starting the transition from tourist to resident. Our family came to Walt Disney World to visit for a few days. It was great being with them at the parks, dining at resorts and visiting some local venues. Lately, Brian and my's favorite place has been Island Grove Winery at Formosa Gardens. It is very close to our home and just a quiet place to relax and enjoy wine. We had a great time meeting the owner, George, and hearing his story.
Island Grove Winery at Formosa Gardens
L to R: Jess, George(owner), Terry (my father-in-law)

As we become residents, we have been doing more things outside of Walt Disney World. Tatum had the opportunity to meet YouTube stars Brooklyn and Bailey last week at JCPenney. Tatum also began orthodontic treatment and got braces on this afternoon. She looks forward to starting gymnastics and 7th grade.

Brady loves swimming in our pool and drawing. He is hoping to start Tae Kwon Do in August and is excited to use his laptop each day with home school. He wants to add a virtual sketchpad and software to his laptop, so stay tuned for some cool sketches uploaded to this blog!
Tatum with Brooklyn and Bailey

As for our adventures, they will begin after our home school session begins! Be on the lookout for our YouTube Channel launch, as well as detailed visits to the Walt Disney World theme parks (water parks included). We are thrilled to be here and to have this opportunity to share our adventures with you!

Looking to travel and have an adventure of your own? Please feel free to comment or send an email. I am a licensed travel agent and would love to help you plan an amazing getaway anywhere in the world (not just Florida) :).

The Andersons

Thursday, July 5, 2018

We're getting there...

Welcome to the first post of our new family blog! It's been an emotional roller coaster to start this journey: job loss, selling a business, moving our kids away from the only home they've ever known...I could go on and on. However, when Brian and I decided that Central Florida would be our new (possibly temporary) home, we decided that we will only focus on the positives and share this incredible journey with the world!

We sold our home in Ohio and drove down to Florida in a moving truck. It was an interesting adventure to say the least. Lots of traffic, a few squabbles, and some thunderstorms, but overall, we made it there safely and are now officially Florida residents. Our children (Tatum and Brady) stayed back in Ohio with family while we drove and unloaded the truck and moved everything into the house.
Finishing up packing and saying goodbye to Ohio!
The 4th of July was celebrated with family as we finish up our time in Ohio. Bright and early on Monday morning begins our "real" Anderson Adventure. Up next...a quick visit to Disney's Vero Beach Resort and then back to unpacking!